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Bienvenidos a ENEB Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona, una institución de formación empresarial que podría clasificarse como Escuela de Negocios creada para satisfacer las demandas de formación para alcanzar el éxito profesional. Nuestra entidad privada ofrece un amplio abanico de cursos para todos los niveles de empresas. ENEB Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona es un centro donde aprender enfocado en la calidad y con una amplia experiencia en el plano profesional, gracias a nuestro personal docente.

¿Qué ofrece ENEB?

En ENEB Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona ofrecemos una amplia variedad de cursos para profesionales y empresas, con temáticas de utilidad y de actualidad. Ofertamos cursos que van dirigidos a recién licenciados y profesionales que deseen adquirir conocimientos específicos para mejorar su desempeño laboral.

¿Dónde impartimos cursos?

Para la realización de nuestros cursos, en ENEB Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona contamos con un campus físico donde se imparten clases de forma presencial, sin que además pueda ofrecer alternativas docentes a través de internet..

Para más información visita nuestra web https://www.eneb.es/. También podrás contactar con nosotros por email secretaria@eneb.es o a través de nuestras redes sociales:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ENEB.EscuelaDeNegocios
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/_ENEB_
    • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eneb_bs/

Horarios de ENEB

Los horarios de nuestros cursos varían según el curso y el campus. Nuestros cursos presenciales tienen normalmente un horario de jueves a sábado, mientras que los cursos virtuales se realizan en horario flexible:

    • Lunes 9AM-11PM
    • Martes 9AM-11PM
    • Miércoles 9AM-11PM
    • Jueves 9AM-11PM
    • Viernes 9AM-11PM
    • Sábado Open 24 hours
    • Domingo Open 24 hours

Estos horarios podrían variar.

Reseñas de ENEB Escuela de Negocios Europea de Barcelona

Según Google, ENEB tiene 304 reseñas con una interesante valoración media 4.4, desde 34 reseñas con la mínima valoración hasta 237 reseñas con la máxima valoración.

“If you want to advance your career, ENEB gives you an opportunity to earn your Masters Degree at an affordable cost at your convenience. Academic Department is very responsive. Make ENEB your choice!” Angel Clarke

“Overall, the modules are challenging and well designed as part of a robust syllabus which is highly relevant to the workplace. Am also pleasantly surprised by the efficient administrative team who never fails to reply to queries expeditiously. Most grateful and many thanks to the school for the good learning experience.” Yang D

“I enrolled in this self-paced course of study as a means to increase my knowledge. I started out the course on a High obtaining 10s in the first few courses I completed. The figure courses were a bit heavy but I was able to pull through.

The information that is presented in each course aligns perfectly with what conventional universities are offering minus the fact that NLP and Business Coaching is not facilitated in Jamaica. Nonetheless, I am happy with the results I obtained from this course.

I hereby recommend this school and the different courses to anyone who seeks to advance their knowledge and specialization. It is recognized by the accreditation body in Jamaica -UCJ and has afforded me the opportunity to pass on the information to students.

On to my PhD or Doctorate in a few years.

Engage in studies that will add meaning and value to your life and above all things, share the knowledge.

I recommend ENEB as the place for continued studies.

One last point, ensure that every project is heavily referenced using scholarly documents…. They are looking for this…..” Tiou Kimar ‚Äúradiohead‚Äù Clarke

“Very pleasant experience. Caring and Professional Tutors. Indispensable knowledge gained. Thank you” Gratitude 645

“The Master’s Degree in Management and Team Management offered a comprehensive view on the importance of the human resource, planning and leadership. The topics were relevant ,interesting and timely. I appreciated the guidance of instructors and the high level of course materials provided. I will pursue further studies at this noble institution and will encourage others to do the same.” Jennifer Wilson

“It’s an accredited European (Spain) masters degree. They answered all my questions and concerns very fast, and always very helpful. The course material is relevant to real life situation. I finished the full course 100% online which is perfect for my busy schedules. I graduated within 2 years with Cum Laude award. This is an excellent education institution to study with.” Ken Chan

“I recommend Eneb to all the students who is looking for the masters in affordable price.

The interaction with the lecturer is efficient and quick. The reply for the grade after the submission of the final project are also quick and fair. (Within 7 to 10 calendar days).

I just have an advise for all the student is that the final project should be authentic and the school never tolerate the plagiarism. If they found such cases then a paneity of 100 USD will be imposed and access will be revoked.

Rest is the best school and moreover I have enrolled a new program as well. 🙂 Cheers and all the best to all.” Alis Asgars

“Being student at ENEB helped me to grow as a person, and opened me many new opportunities in life.
The freedom of choosing when to study, kindness and professionalism of the academic tutors and staff, knowledge and training, all provided is at the best possible level. Variety of programs that are offered, simplicity and originality in study concepts so as materials are at the needed level. I would recommend ENEB to anyone who is ready to learn valuable skills needed for the business world!
Masterclasses are always tutored by people who truly have valuable experience, followed by the most fresh topics from the business world. Tutors are always opened for discussion upon topics during and at the end of the class.
Collaboration of ENEB with Harvard Business School is something that is truly remarkable.”

“I have enjoyed my Masters journey with eneb.The materials were well written, the assignments were based on the course material although I had to do further research to do them. Highly recommended.” Andrea Szentgyorgyi

“The material provided in the modules for the graduate program is quite relevant. I appreciate the fact that I was able to study at my own pace. I believe the communication with the institution is very timely. Everyone was quite helpful. I also found the grading of the final projects to be timely and fair!” Santrice Hunter

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  • lunes09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • martes09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • miércoles09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • jueves09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • viernes09:00 AM - 11:00 PM
  • sábadoabierto 24 horas
  • domingoabierto 24 horas