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Bienvenidos a ESEI International Business School, una institución de formación empresarial que podría clasificarse como Escuela de Negocios creada para satisfacer las demandas de formación para alcanzar el éxito profesional. Nuestra entidad privada ofrece un amplio abanico de cursos para todos los niveles de empresas. ESEI International Business School es un centro donde aprender enfocado en la calidad y con una amplia experiencia en el plano profesional, gracias a nuestro personal docente.

¿Qué ofrece ESEI?

En ESEI International Business School ofrecemos una amplia variedad de cursos para profesionales y empresas, con temáticas de utilidad y de actualidad. Ofertamos cursos que van dirigidos a recién licenciados y profesionales que deseen adquirir conocimientos específicos para mejorar su desempeño laboral.

¿Dónde impartimos cursos?

Para la realización de nuestros cursos, en ESEI International Business School contamos con un campus físico donde se imparten clases de forma presencial, sin que además pueda ofrecer alternativas docentes a través de internet..

Para más información visita nuestra web http://www.eseibusinessschool.com/. También podrás contactar con nosotros por email o a través de nuestras redes sociales:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eseibusinessschool/
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/eseibarcelona?lang=en
    • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eseibusinessschool/?hl=en

Horarios de ESEI

Los horarios de nuestros cursos varían según el curso y el campus. Nuestros cursos presenciales tienen normalmente un horario de jueves a sábado, mientras que los cursos virtuales se realizan en horario flexible:

    • Lunes Closed
    • Martes 10AM-7PM
    • Miércoles 10AM-7PM
    • Jueves 10AM-7PM
    • Viernes 10AM-7PM
    • Sábado Closed
    • Domingo Closed

Estos horarios podrían variar.

Reseñas de ESEI International Business School

Según Google, ESEI tiene 143 reseñas con una interesante valoración media 4.7, desde 8 reseñas con la mínima valoración hasta 124 reseñas con la máxima valoración.

“So far, so good!
Been here only for the introduction week but everything has been amazing so far. I was afraid I wasn‚Äôt going to fit in but everyone (both staff and students) has been super nice! Would recommend 10/10!”

“Firstly, if you are a non European, studying here is a waste. The degree is not valid anywhere, not even in spain. You won‚Äôt be able to extend your visa after the 10 months of your course. My honest review and my struggle is what am pouring down here. I passed out July 2022. They will promise you and send you a link mentioning that visa can be extended. But the answer is NO. Not with a degree here. Why ? When you go for visa renewal after the 10 months, you will be told ESEIs degree is not valid for the same. You will come back to the university , they will send you a link, that will options saying you can extend your visa if you have an internship or job after your course(which is obvious) , second apply for a job seeker visa, but you need to show a lot of amount for the 1 year stay in your bank account, third they will ask you to take another short course or language course to extend. What‚Äôs the point!! Also if you go ahead and decide to take one option. The university‚Äôs degree is not valid anywhere in Europe. If you are a non European and applying for a full time job anywhere in Europe the degree won‚Äôt be valid. Now they will say ‚ÄúUCAM‚Äù certified they are. Which you won‚Äôt get anytime soon, considering you urgently want to extend your visa before it expires. They won‚Äôt let you do more than one internship. If you get internship at another place and your classes are about to end, they won‚Äôt help you in any way. 🙂 there are other universities in Spain which you can consider and Germany would be a good option. For anything that you want to know in detail, look for non Europeans who studied in ESEI and talk to them. Do not trust the Indian and other Non-European ‚Äúworking‚Äù at ESEI. They are the ones who lied to me to get in. Apart from this any refund , or any thing you want help with they won‚Äôt help. Yes they help only when you are always a benefit for them. That is when you join , when you want to extend your course. I fell for all this.” Nitika Surendran

“Great experience learning from Christophe! He made the session fun, engaging and might have changed how we project manage forever.
Ps: beautiful building that houses the ESEI international business school and a super friendly team behind-the-scenes.”
Prerna Agarwal

“It has been such a great experience! The professor has been extremely engaging, have great tools for me to use in my day to day at work. I also had fun, which is not a given. Kudos to the school for organizing it.” Ilenia Sannicolò Papadopoli

“Easy admission procedure with a really open, friendly and communicative team. There is also help offered regarding all the paperwork when arriving in Barcelona which makes it easier to settle. Very nice campus and university, opportunities to challenge yourself, and very interesting programmes!
10/10 would totally recommend :)”
Asli Karaduman

“Lovely atmosphere and energy around the campus. Induction was a great way to meet new people and make friends. The staff was also very helpful and made sure that students were always keeping themselves busy with various socializing activities!” Simon Papadopoulos

“Hello, my name is keto and i am going to study marketing and communications in ESEI International business school. Induction weeks was more interested and productive then i thought it would be. I met too many people from abroad and it is biggest pleasure for me. The stuff of ESEI is the best. They help me in every way and are so friendly with us. I am so happy that i came to this place and i am sure my future 10 month will be great with this people.” Keto Sanikidze

“The course was worth it! My team and I flew in from Berlin to go through an intensive 10 hour Agile course that was catered to our needs. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a classroom, but I felt very welcomed by the staffs, and our lecturer was very engaging and provided us not just with theoretical knowledge, but also practical tasks to deal with our real life problems and how we could solve them. The university is located in a beautiful area in Berlin which adds to the whole experience.” Cissy Oliveria

“I have taken a course ‚ÄúProject and Agile Management‚Äù together with my colleagues this September. I have to admit that it has been nothing but an amazing experience so far. The flow of the course is really good and the professor makes the learning process really easy and super interesting. I would love to take another course at ESEI.
Big recommendation!”
Diana Csedrik

“From my initial view Since June has been amazing, the outward view of the university has been magnificent with their openness and clear communication. The induction ceremony was pretty forward and fun. ESEI is making sure that we network, cause that’s really important in this day and time, and for someone who’s joined Digital Marketing, the area is being covered pretty well. This is a fun atmosphere to be at where we see all as equals be it race, culture, age and activity ESEI made sure we enjoy it all. Thank you ESEI.” Achutha Kannan

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  • lunesabierto 24 horas
  • martes10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • miércoles10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • jueves10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • viernes10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • sábadoabierto 24 horas
  • domingoabierto 24 horas