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Bienvenidos a EU Business School – Campus Barcelona (Diagonal), una institución de formación empresarial que podría clasificarse como Escuela de Negocios creada para satisfacer las demandas de formación para alcanzar el éxito profesional. Nuestra entidad privada ofrece un amplio abanico de cursos para todos los niveles de empresas. EU Business School – Campus Barcelona (Diagonal) es un centro donde aprender enfocado en la calidad y con una amplia experiencia en el plano profesional, gracias a nuestro personal docente.

¿Qué ofrece EU?

En EU Business School – Campus Barcelona (Diagonal) ofrecemos una amplia variedad de cursos para profesionales y empresas, con temáticas de utilidad y de actualidad. Ofertamos cursos que van dirigidos a recién licenciados y profesionales que deseen adquirir conocimientos específicos para mejorar su desempeño laboral.

¿Dónde impartimos cursos?

Para la realización de nuestros cursos, en EU Business School – Campus Barcelona (Diagonal) contamos con un campus físico donde se imparten clases de forma presencial, sin que además pueda ofrecer alternativas docentes a través de internet..

Para más información visita nuestra web https://barcelona.euruni.edu/. También podrás contactar con nosotros por email info.bcn@euruni.edu o a través de nuestras redes sociales:

    • Facebook:
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/eu_group
    • Instagram: https://instagram.com/eu_business_school/

Horarios de EU

Los horarios de nuestros cursos varían según el curso y el campus. Nuestros cursos presenciales tienen normalmente un horario de jueves a sábado, mientras que los cursos virtuales se realizan en horario flexible:

    • Lunes Closed
    • Martes 8:30AM-6PM
    • Miércoles 8:30AM-6PM
    • Jueves 8:30AM-6PM
    • Viernes 8:30AM-6PM
    • Sábado Closed
    • Domingo Closed

Estos horarios podrían variar.

Reseñas de EU Business School – Campus Barcelona (Diagonal)

Según Google, EU tiene 91 reseñas con una interesante valoración media 4.4, desde 11 reseñas con la mínima valoración hasta 70 reseñas con la máxima valoración.

“Simply one of a kind. A very warm and welcoming school that makes you feel at home. State of the art campus, facilities, classes and top notch staff that give you undisputed access to top networks around the world. Industry focused lectures, engaging class activities that literally prepare you to face the real world. To top it off with a beautiful city like Barcelona, I think EU Business School offers the perfect package for higher education.” Rayan Osseiran

“My working relationship with the EU Business School goes back to the Year 2004. In all the years since then I have valued EU Business school’s commitment to providing its students with a cutting edge business program delivered by professors who are for the most part running their own companies or working in companies. Furthermore, this is supported by an impressive world wide network of Alumni who help to facilitate current students’ desires to undertake internships as well as launching them and mentoring them in their careers. Above all I value the commitment that the EU Business School has to giving all students a chance to flourish. Keep up the good work, I know from the feedback that my students’ have sent me that they are happy and successful at EU.” Jeremy Handcock

“Good university with a great level of studying in general. However, the service level staff is rude and unfriendly. The university has strange and useless policies regarding some minor things such as not allowed coffee, for example. The general organisation level is very poor, the school’s calendar does not contain the class schedule and is mainly useless, professors do not always can place all remake classes with not overlapping with other classes that students already have on the schedule. Some professors are not able to provide students with a clarified task explanation and grading is not always fair and objective. Sometimes students did not receive the tasks for final assignments on time, exam submission points are usually not available or class materials are not submitted without numerous students’ reminders. The names of courses do not usually explain which actual topics will be discussed during the course, and sometimes are barely related. Some classes are more-less the same, but just the course name is different. The total price for studying presented on the school’s website and all schools documents do not contain the price for the final project, and also school supports a specific system of grading that you can possibly finish university as the number of courses but not receive a degree, which is strange. The retake courses are highly expensive and there is only one try to pass the exam, which may create an image that the main school’s goal is revenue but not high quality studying.” Yana K

“While I was thinking transferring from another uni to EU Business School in September, I was skeptical about my decision as I am a person who doesn’t like change. After spending my first semester here I already feel the choice I have made was amazing! The courses are very up to date and of course Barcelona is beautiful.” Marwan Mourad

“Wonderful university for students seeking a career in Business and it’s areas of specialisation. The Barcelona Campus is very well located and has modern facilities. Great teachers, with lot’s of market experience.” Mauro Mandil

“Hi, I had studied at EU Barcelona. i would definitely not recommend this organisation AT ALL COST. I lost my time and my money. the only think that matters for them is your MONEY and nothing else they can pretend! you would need to wait ages to speak to someone and anyone working their would tell you a different story regarding your same matter, the worst management i ever seen. Don’t even lose your time here! I would recommend you to check any other university in Barcelona. there is plenty of better choices!

FYI: they will pay more attention to their marketing and how they look than you to succeed! ALL FAKE!!!” Mohamed Seghrouchni Idrissi

“I am a student at EU Business School who is taking the bachelor‚Äôs in business administration course online. So far, I have to say that this institution is doing a tremendous job at helping students reach their highest potential; here are a few reasons why:
The Institution has an on-campus and online learning option, this means that during the Covid-19 Pandemic they were prepared to move all their learning online with ease, they did not stop student learning, and continued to produce excellent results in the transition.
Additionally, the professors at the university are people who have experience with the real world. This means that when they are explaining and teaching the course subject, they are using real life examples and experiences that they have been through, this makes the learning more dynamic, interesting, and enjoyable. Plus, the professors are always ready to help when you need them.
Moreover, the class sizes are small, which promotes more focused learning and attention from the processors; and the classes online and on-campus are met with students from all over the world, this helps everyone gain a more international experience from wherever they are in the world or in one of the institutions campuses.
When it comes to studying and understanding the course subject for the mid-terms and finals – and a student at EU Business School – I feel prepared to take the mid-terms and finals because the course structure allows a student to participate in class, work as a group and understand the course subject step-by-step.
Lastly, the overall staff at EU Business School are very helpful, they have helped me out several times; whether is has been looking for work experience, or helping students connect with other businessmen and businesswomen for their future needs.
The best part about learning and being at EU Business School is that I feel prepared, and ready to from my career prospects. I would defiantly recommend EU Business School to students looking to do their bachelors, masters, or doctorate.”
Gurleen Sound

“I‚Äôve been a student at EU Business School for 3 months now. As a young foreigner it wasn‚Äôt something easy to adapt to, but the people at EU made it 10 times easier for me to adjust to my new country as well as the new educational system. I have learned many necessities at EU starting like simple marketing or management skills. I also feel very involved in everything. EU also has an amazing staff, who are mainly there to simplify your day at uni. Now that I‚Äôve spent as little as 3 months at Eu I can‚Äôt imagine myself studying elsewhere.” Yaseen Moussa

“Two campus in Barcelona with English foundation offer Graduate and Master degree in different fields .
Admission offers normally in March,October August online studies are also available .”
Adeela Mukhtar

“I am a student of bachelor in Business Administration, and I am really pleased with this program as I have 9 different subjects that broaden my horizons and develop knowledge. All of these subjects help me to develop hard and soft skills. I always have classes with people from different countries all over the world, and now I know more about their cultures and home countries. The classrooms accommodate approximately 20 people, which I really like because teachers focus on every student. Also, once a week, I have online classes, which helps ease the schedule. I have assignments every 2 or 3 weeks on different subjects, most of them are online but I have few in-class assignments. I really like university life, the EU Business School organises various sports activities, trips, and parties. I met interesting people from different corners of the world, and the school is very international. I have gained new exciting experiences with the EU Business School in Barcelona. I‚Äôm in love with the student life in Barcelona, it‚Äôs really good experience as I have learnt a lot.” Angelina Kachura

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  • miércoles08:30 AM - 06:00 PM
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  • viernes08:30 AM - 06:00 PM
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