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Bienvenidos a GBS Geneva Business School, una institución de formación empresarial que podría clasificarse como Escuela de Negocios creada para satisfacer las demandas de formación para alcanzar el éxito profesional. Nuestra entidad privada ofrece un amplio abanico de cursos para todos los niveles de empresas. GBS Geneva Business School es un centro donde aprender enfocado en la calidad y con una amplia experiencia en el plano profesional, gracias a nuestro personal docente.

¿Qué ofrece GBS?

En GBS Geneva Business School ofrecemos una amplia variedad de cursos para profesionales y empresas, con temáticas de utilidad y de actualidad. Ofertamos cursos que van dirigidos a recién licenciados y profesionales que deseen adquirir conocimientos específicos para mejorar su desempeño laboral.

¿Dónde impartimos cursos?

Para la realización de nuestros cursos, en GBS Geneva Business School contamos con un campus físico donde se imparten clases de forma presencial, sin que además pueda ofrecer alternativas docentes a través de internet..

Para más información visita nuestra web http://www.gbsge.com/. También podrás contactar con nosotros por email geneva@gbsge.com,application@gbsge.com,admissiongeneva@gbsge.com,admissionbarcelona@gbsge.com,admissionmadrid@gbsge.com o a través de nuestras redes sociales:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GenevaBusinessSchool/
    • Twitter:
    • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/genevabusinessschool/

Horarios de GBS

Los horarios de nuestros cursos varían según el curso y el campus. Nuestros cursos presenciales tienen normalmente un horario de jueves a sábado, mientras que los cursos virtuales se realizan en horario flexible:

    • Lunes 9AM-7PM
    • Martes 9AM-7PM
    • Miércoles 9AM-7PM
    • Jueves 9AM-7PM
    • Viernes 9AM-2PM
    • Sábado Closed
    • Domingo Closed

Estos horarios podrían variar.

Reseñas de GBS Geneva Business School

Según Google, GBS tiene 36 reseñas con una interesante valoración media 4.2, desde 6 reseñas con la mínima valoración hasta 27 reseñas con la máxima valoración.

“Horrible” Sarah Elshafie

“Great Business School! I’m proud to be teaching here” Jordi Gili

“Geneva Business School cultivates an incredible atmosphere, the campus motivates you to succeed in whatever you desire and those around you inspire you to work harder than ever before.” Carolina Andrade

“I went to GBS in Barcelona in July 2013 with my friends from RANEPA (Moscow).

The school is really modern and well-equiped. Every classroom has computers so you can easily work on them or you can use Wi-Fi. Also we had no complaints about the accommodation because it was of really good quality.

During our programme we studied a variety of subjects, for example, digital skills for global business, presentation skills and, of course, English and Spanish.

Despite studies there a lot of things to do and to see in Barcelona. So you can decide whether to go to the beach or to go sightseeing.

I think that it is a great opportunity for those who want to practice your English, study Spanish and get new knowledge. So I would recommend everyone to go to Barcelona.

Thank you all for organising such a wonderful educational summer programme!
Wish I could go back!”
Valeriya Marutkina

“I graduated with an bba in digital marketing from this university. Honestly the first year was really good, however the education level has deteriorated through the last year and I can say full heartedly that most teachers in this university are not able to teach at a bachelors or a masters level. Moreover, in my opinion after enrolling in the masters degree which was horrendous in terms of education. I can say that people who graduate from masters do not gain any new knowledge other than having the masters degree on their CV. Very disappointed honestly and I tried to reach out to the university regarding these claims about teachers not caring about students nor education but sadly they didn‚Äôt bother. The Moto for this university should be ‚ÄúPay money and get a degree‚Äù.” Mohammad Rayan Salame

“I finished MBA in Digital Marketing in GBS last summer. Academically and personally it’s been a great experience, one of the best choices i had! Very friendly atmosphere, international people with great experiences. GBS offered interactive classes in a multicultural environment, which demonstrated many new ideas, insights and opinions to create a higher level of thinking and to grow! Very beautiful campus with the sunny terrace and innovative way to study using Google Classroom. Will highly recommend this school! üë©‚Äçüéì” Masha Gerashenko

“I am finishing my bachelor’s degree in International Business Management this year, and I am pleased I chose Geneva Business School. The teachers have great knowledge about their profession since they have so much experience in their field of work, which makes the classes feel very alive and gives an insight into the true work market.” Selin Sahin

“The campus in Barcelona is very well-designed and modern, with great classrooms and facilities. I love the fact that it is right in the center of Barcelona (in Plaza Catalunya)!
As a GBS master student, the learning journey has been challenging but most of the time, enjoyable and fulfilling. The school offers us a real practical, innovative project-based learning experience! All the professors are professionals who are actively working in the field that they are teaching, so what we learned is not just about theoretical knowledge but also real market insights from those industry experts.”
Elisa Chen



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  • miércoles09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • jueves09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
  • viernes09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
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