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Bienvenidos a ESADE – Campus Barcelona Pedralbes, una institución de formación empresarial que podría clasificarse como Universidad Privada creada para satisfacer las demandas de formación para alcanzar el éxito profesional. Nuestra entidad privada ofrece un amplio abanico de cursos para todos los niveles de empresas. ESADE – Campus Barcelona Pedralbes es un centro donde aprender enfocado en la calidad y con una amplia experiencia en el plano profesional, gracias a nuestro personal docente.

¿Qué ofrece ESADE?

En ESADE – Campus Barcelona Pedralbes ofrecemos una amplia variedad de cursos para profesionales y empresas, con temáticas de utilidad y de actualidad. Ofertamos cursos que van dirigidos a recién licenciados y profesionales que deseen adquirir conocimientos específicos para mejorar su desempeño laboral.

¿Dónde impartimos cursos?

Para la realización de nuestros cursos, en ESADE – Campus Barcelona Pedralbes contamos con un campus físico donde se imparten clases de forma presencial, sin que además pueda ofrecer alternativas docentes a través de internet..

Para más información visita nuestra web https://www.esade.edu/. También podrás contactar con nosotros por email o a través de nuestras redes sociales:

    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESADEBS
    • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ESADE
    • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_esade/?hl=es

Horarios de ESADE

Los horarios de nuestros cursos varían según el curso y el campus. Nuestros cursos presenciales tienen normalmente un horario de jueves a sábado, mientras que los cursos virtuales se realizan en horario flexible:

    • Lunes 
    • Martes 
    • Miércoles
    • Jueves 
    • Viernes 
    • Sábado 
    • Domingo 

Estos horarios podrían variar.

Reseñas de ESADE – Campus Barcelona Pedralbes

Según Google, ESADE tiene 125 reseñas con una interesante valoración media 4.1, desde 18 reseñas con la mínima valoración hasta 82 reseñas con la máxima valoración.

“Great school, staff, teachers and students.” Peter Smith

“Ultra-modern design, great facilities including cafeterias and a gym” Nicole Van Der Merwe

“Noisy around here” Tim H

“Open House is great. But i think the famous Bill gates and steve jobs or Marc Zuckerberg, all were drop out from college..Fee here is unbelievable.. Who gonna pay for these..” Ris Sherif

“Go to IESE for postgraduates go to IE for bachelors.” Xeric Acin

“Love the place. I am a professor there and happy teaching, researching and helping company creation there. Great students, great faculty and staff. Again, I might be biased. :-)” Jan Brinckmann

“Studied one module – Business in Europe. Good discussions and lectures. Facility : good classrooms and seating arrangement. Food served was very good in lunch.” Mansi Mahur

“Terrible university experience, despite the school’s strong marketing endeavours to present ESADE as an equal-opportunity university.
Elitistic, extremely expensive and careless for students coming from impacted socio-economic backgrounds. Avoid ESADE, there are plenty of top-tier and accredited schools within the same price range.”
Matija Stefanovic

“Really bad experience for my process. They pretend they have values like ethics, inclusivity, ecc‚Ķ but these are only words. Many students in fact are talking about its elitarism and exclusivity and I didn‚Äôt believe them until I experienced it (30000‚Ǩ for the 1 year already says everything about openness).
They literally made me have troubles with the application to their school, with a quite unrespectful and unfair treatment. I did everything to meet my deadlines, canceled my professional and academic projects and spent a lot of money in order to accomplish Esade‚Äôs requests and then they were not able to meet their responsibilities and failed in their deadlines and words given. While I was struggling with a crucial step of my life, they were just like playing and unable do make decisions.”
Ledo Ci

“I wrote them an email and they didn’t reply. If a university has no values, there’s nothing they can teach you. I’m ataching the email, so you be aware of what to find at ESADE.
Dear Sirs
My son applied to a Masters Degree in ESADE.
When he did so, he was seriously thinking about attending this Masters
degree but life is not constant and no one knows how things evolve.
He paid €8,300.00 for the inscription. This is a lot of money. It’s
twice as much as I paid for my Mercedes Benz two years ago and I hope
it lasts for three hundred thousand km more.
I ran a business of boat tours in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a lot of
bookings and sometimes people just cancel their tours. Usually people
try to explain why they can’t attend. I understand that they try to
explain but I don’t need their explanations. It’s a question of
privacy. They were seriously intending to go on a boat tour but now
they are not. I have no right to ask anything. It’s up to them. They
wanted and now they don’t and so I return payment in full. I lost my
time but I didn’t provide the service they were paying for. These are
costs I need to support for running a business.
Joao Maria explained the reasons he wasn’t attending your Masters
degree in a long and well written email.
This is not your money. Please return ASAP.
Yours sincerely
Luis Sande e Castro”
Luís Sande E Castro

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